40k ETC Lost&Found

Posted: August 20, 2012 in Rabble

So as usual after a tournament we found a number of small items left at or under the tables. Not much of it, but still:

  • tape measures (3 of them, 1 still working)
  • templates (only GW ones, no personalized items)
  • single dice (few of those)
  • sunglasses (3 pairs)
  • mobile phone holder (old, battered leather-like)
  • foam inlay from some miniature case (11″x7″, 3 inches high)
  • large resin base (60mm)

Also the player who asked me during the tournament about his dice set in metal tin should contact me, because I might have it for him. As for the rest of items I can provide photos but I’m afraid the shipping charges for sending those items abroad might be larger than the value of the items lost. Still if you are looking for something in particular please contact me via the Warhammer Forum and we’ll try to organize something. All clothes left on the venue were left in Gorzow and you might ask Buszmen on TWF for those (for example for Setpan’s jacket that was found on his chair :P).


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