40kETC results table

Posted: August 19, 2012 in Main tournament

Below I present you the Excel sheet with all the results for battles played. In every round you can see the oponent played by the team and points gathered from battle. I’ll upload to some file sharing service after I get some sleep at home 😉


LINK – Google Docs


  1. Littleman_2009 says:

    Go England, thanks again for the updates

  2. archont says:

    I really do wonder, why there’s MP at all. VP should suffice absolutely…

  3. archont says:

    I don’t quite think the google.doc is working correctly…

    • Dmitry Fetisov says:

      googledocs are working normally. try choosing an “export to Google spreadsheet” option – it should look better then.

      MiSiU – thanks again for these updates, that’s really appreciated.

      • chtiofonce says:

        Yep thanks a bunch for the updates which were actually the only decent “live” info we could get of the event. Looking forward to the actual round result sheets when you guys will have a better connection.

  4. Blue Kabal says:

    Funny you think that since you thought the Germans would win… guess not!

  5. Shawass says:

    Many, many thanks for keeping us informed! 🙂 Cheers

  6. Hedzer says:

    Even if I export to Google spreadsheet I still only get the final results, not the individual match results.

  7. Gratz to the top 28 for a jolly good time spent, and double that for the four awards!

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